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Xmas came early this year!

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Gave her a bath and installed CF front lip... waiting on the sideskirt and will post pic as soon as i get them next week! Happy holidays to all!


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Hey Kaidan117,

I like the carbon lip!
Where did you get the lip?
How easy/difficult was the installation?
Do you have to do permanent alterations to the front bumper to install? holes, etc?


Got it on ebay... rocket bunny is way out of my budget so i am just looking around for what is good for my budget... JPM is the style and there is another one style that looks good the SILKBLAZE... they go around $300-500... installation is easy... it came with some screws and all you have to do is screw them in and thats it... i added the 3m double sided just so itll hold better... with just the 4 screws provided i was thinking it wouldnt be enough so just to make sure i bought the doublesided and added it up on there...

If you are planning to install it just tape it on place first so you can actually center the lip and place it the way you want it before screwing it... i installed it by myself but another hand and a second set of eyeballs would be better if you have someone to help you out...

You didnt have to drill any holes on the bumper cos all the screws are coming from the bottom...

Other than that its pretty easy to install and i love the way it looks... i am currently waiting on the sideskirt and purchasing rear diffuser soon...
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Wow, so early really, maybe a bit of a rush.
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