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Will the RC-F be able to TAKE the new BMW M4?

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What are your thoughts. We have some initial specs.

Personally I think it'll be tough but will it put up a good fight?

This M4 looks hungry.
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Its so hard to actually overcome the M4. I think Lexus did a really good job of the RC 350 but I also think that the BMW M4 has a wider appeal. The RC 350 has more aggressive styling that appeals to fewer people.
As much as many have faith in the M4 i still want to see the two go head to head.
Do you mean head to head in sales, or head to head in an actual race. I for one am more excited to see the RC350 race the M4. When do you think people will get together to make that happen? Would it be much of a race? Which car do you think would win?
I was just reading that Lexus isn't really aiming to take down the Germans though. They are purposely making their vehicles different from the rest to appeal to a different type of customer -- someone who doesn't want a mainstream BMW, Benz, etc...

Performance wise I hope that Lexus can keep up with or surpass BMW. Its hard to imagine with the strength of BMW's M division though.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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