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I'm hoping Lexus keeps driving purists in mind when offering options, and in the general specs on the car. Soft, luxury models make up the most of the line, so why not build a real sport/track capable car, especially in the BMW M4 series is the target. For me, in order of priority:
1)Keep weight down, and evenly distributed - close to 50/50 F/R weight distribution.
2)Limited slip rear differential. Any discerning driver knows this is a basic requirement for a sports car.
2.5) Supportive seats with texture and side bolsters that hold the driver in place on the track/during "spirited" driving.
3)Offer a 6 MT tranny option.
3.5)Good steering feel.
4)Give the car an aggressive (not obnoxiously so) intake & exhaust note.
5)Provide a real spare, not a bottle of goop that is useless for anything but a small puncture.
6)Use a durable, chip resistant paint system.
6.5)Good summer performance tires, like RE11s.
7)Make the suspension adjustable enough for a mild track alignment. This shouldn't ad much cost, and will be attractive to those that track their cars.
8)Decent sound system with bluetooth.
9) Nav as ad option to lower cost for those who don't need it.
10) Price starting at under $50K.
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