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Video: RC F - The Power To Perform (RC-F V8 Exhaust Note Inside!)

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I'm pleased to present you guys with one of the better RC-F video's out there, enjoy!

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Although they were showing features on the Rc I couldn't help but just pay attention to the awesome cinematography.

Nice video
Yea the video is really well done, but it is almost too well done. It kinda distracts from the information being displayed to the viewer. Its a funny problem to have.

Even if you are distracted from reading, it does make the Lexus RC F look really good.
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I watched it a second time just to read through what I missed :)
I watched it a second time just to read through what I missed :)
second time....i'm on my 5th, can't get enough of this video, lexus needs to start coming out with short films for it's vehicles, it's something i have seen more premium car makers doing, while lexus is trying to become better they should do that too.
I'm alright with short films as long as they don't involve outer space and fictional rip off villians and characters.
well this is the japanese so.. just maybe that will happen.
I doubt Lexus will ever step to that level. They seem to be focused on trying to show passion for vehicle dynamics and all. It looks like it'll stay that way. Maybe Toyota...
it's a 50/50, with the kind of growth and change they're going through i'd say it's very possible.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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