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Video Lexus RC 350 F Sport Review By Cars 7

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CARS 7, the online edition of CAR Magazine, has previously reviewed the RC F and now they are reviewing the RC 350 with the F Sport package. He does comment on the 350's acceleration and gauge cluster but it seems like the RC 350 will forever be compared to the BMW 4 series.

Do you think his review was accurate or was it more based on his personal opinion?
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It sounds to me personal opinion. Just the gut feeling I had about the review.
Personal opinion. But yet all reviews are personal opinions. What I like you may not and vice versa. It's just a matter of what you want for the money versus where you live versus practicality. It's just the way the world turns. For example... I had a 2013 Nissan 370Z. Loved the car... looks, power, decent cost. But it sat in my garage 5-6 months out of the year due to the fabulous Northeast Ohio weather. So, the savings per HP versus a luxury sports coupe weren't worth it. I traded it for my RC350 F Sport and haven't looked back. I justify the extra expense because of the enjoyment, decent power, luxury and AWD. I didn't even compare it to other luxury sports coupes because, for me, it's all about the looks. When I saw the RC on TV I was intrigued. When I saw one in person, I was hooked.
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