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US rc350 f-sports headlights

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It seems US don't have option for the 3-led headlights for the rc 350 f-sports. I live in Canada and I got my rc350 f-sports with this package

LFA Full TFT instrument cluster

Premium LED Headlamps

Lane Change Assist

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Blind Spot Monitor System

EPS with VGRS (Electric Power Steering with Variable Gear Ratio Steering)

Sport Steering Wheel

Power Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel

  • F SPORT Seats

  • Driver Seat Memory System

  • Seat Material : NuLuxe

  • Adaptive Variable Front Suspension (AVS)

  • Adaptive Variable Rear Suspension (AVS)

  • Interior Trim: F SPORT Shift Knob

  • F SPORT Scuff Plates
17 Speaker Mark Levinson Premium Audio System

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Intuitive Parking Assist

Pre Collision System

Lane Change Assist

Passenger Seat Memory

Or I could be wrong cause all the pictures and videos didnt have 3- led headlights with f-sports package. BTW mine is AWD.
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It's quite possible they didn't make it available from launch to release 6 months to a year or more after.
Is that option available in other places?
The 3-LED headlight is standard on the RC 350 F-Sport in Australia.

I just ordered mine yesterday. It's the White Nova with Black/Wedge Metal interior. I have been told it is slotted in for a March build and mid-April delivery.
Does it depend on the option packages that you get or is it solely based on the model that you get?
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