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US 2015 Lexus RC Configurator Goes Online

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People will soon be able to put in orders for the 2015 Lexus RC coupe. Ahead of that wonderful day, there is the configurator that people can use to create their personalized Lexus RC with all the packages, trims and options they 'd like.

I have read an article that the configurator is online now, but there is now link and I can't find it on Google. Here is the link and let me know if you guy s can figure it out.

2015 Lexus RC US Configurator Goes Online - Comes in 4 Versions
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It was about time that this went up. For a while they didn't have too much for us to go off of, finally now we can see everything in detail.
Oh, here I found the proper page for you guys. Enjoy!

Nothing too crazy. mostly just seeing what the different color and trim options are.

2015 Lexus RC, Lexus RC F SPORT - Luxury Coupe |
I wouldn't call this a configurator, it's more of an information resource & customizer (which is limited), just something to play around with for now. It's not even up on the official Lexus vehicle configurator mainpage: Lexus All Models
Agreed, I wish there was more to play with. This seems like the bare minimum they could give us while still giving us something along the lines of a configurator.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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