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Unboxing an RC F GT3

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You always see those unboxing videos on YouTube of a phone, or toy, gadget, etc. How about an unboxing video of a 2017 Lexus RC F GT3 ;)

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stupid video, the last 10 seconds show the RC. who wants to spend majority of the time this video plays for to stare at a box.
on another note, it looks like they unboxed it previously and this video was entirely an after thought. There had to be some packaging going on inside the box.
Lol you get to see like 8 seconds of it. I'm kind of questioning as to why there was no packaging what so ever on the inside. Not even plastic over the rims or anything. Pretty waste of a video. Would've been cooler if they started it up inside, and then they dropped the box and had the lights on and all that fun stuff. Gave it a few revs and called it a day.
On the flip side maybe this is how they got it and those drills were actually removing screws for the very first time. But even with race cars there should be some level of packing involved. Still, it seems like an after thought to me.

At least we're getting to see these behind the scenes and not just on the track all finalized.

They just need to show us more of it, under the hood, interior... an overall tour.
Think you're right actually. They only took out like 2 screws.. there's no top on the box.

Regardless, do need a tour of it. Nice up close and personal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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