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TRD RC F-Sport Aero Kit

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TRD Japan just launched this...

The front underspoiler is a reasonable ¥48,600 ($455 USD), and the side skirts are in the same ballpark at ¥64,800 ($608 USD).

Get into the rear options and things get expensive fast — the carbon fiber spoiler is ¥135,000 ($1,266 USD) and the rear diffuser with sport exhausts come in at ¥263,520 ($2,472 USD).

The 19-inch wheels will retail for an astounding ¥542,700 ($5,091 USD).
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I like a few of these parts but they seem pretty subtle for the amount of money they cost. They better actually make a noticeable change to performance. The part that I like the most is the carbon fiber spoiler. I can't believe the price of the rims! They aren't even that special looking.
Don't worry, for under $10k this kit add's on at least 100hp, not sure how much horsepower the spoiler adds :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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