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Trading my SVT Raptor for 350 Fsport

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I'm looking at possibly trading my 2010 raptor and selling my 2014 rzr 1000 and getting a new 350 awd F sport. Love my truck to death, 6 awesome years but its time to change I think. And more than 12mpg would be nice.
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The RC200t gets somewhere like 26mpg combined and I think the RC350 gets 22ish ? Sounds like a significant difference from your SVT Raptor !
That's a massive change, if you drive in the city you'll feel that gain in the city the most, but out on the highway I bet your truck wasn't that bad, that's how it usually works.
12Mpg ?! Dayum... this is going to be a world of change.

Should be better on the highway though just because it's V8 would have been sitting at a pretty low rpm cruising along.
I've been able to get 20mpg on my old LS400 which was lacking big time in maintenance. Best of all you can keep up with traffic, over take, etc. all by saying under 2500rpm :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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