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I don't know about you guys but i'd love to have one of these and even more... a replica I can beat the crap of and specifically a 2000GT replica with Toyota's only V12, the 1GZ-FE

The world’s collection of Japanese supercars is sadly sparse. Despite decades in the business, there have been surprisingly few all-out performance machines from the Land of the Rising Sun. Of the few that have been created, this is the genesis: the Toyota 2000GT. With a truly seductive style that is reminiscent of the Jaguar E-Type, this Toyota is one of the rarest and prettiest Japanese cars ever created. And now you have the chance to own one.

When Pebble Beach rolls around this August, one of the nicest examples of a 2000GT that exists will be crossing the Mecum auction block. During its three-year production run, only 351 units were built and sold. Of those, only 62 were U.S. cars. This particular car is a no-hit, rust-free machine that has been lightly restored to original condition by one of the foremost 2000GT experts in the world.

Mecum hasn’t listed an expected sale price yet, but you will most certainly need a wallet deep enough to swim in if you really want this car.

Considering how rapidly prices have been rocketing upwards, this supercar is guaranteed to go for more than 1.5-million USD. If you don’t have that kind of cake, well, at least you can see more stunning photos of this amazing piece of history on the main auction page.
Some 1GZ-FE goodness:

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