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TOM's Japan Lexus RC F... 'nuff said!

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If you're like any true Japanese car enthusiast familiar with some of the best tuning brands to come out of the land of the rising sun, TOM's Japan is no stranger. I've been patiently waiting and finally they delivered. Take a moment to go through the pictures and videos below, thank me later :D :

Now on to the fun stuff:
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Finally some options to stiffen it up, at some point I plan on getting into autocross and the strut tower and underbody braces should help:

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I could seee picking up a part or two from this. Altogether it's a bit much, but I like the dark grey side panel, rims and exhaust pipes.
Noon way you wouldn't get that steering wheel thats just sick i need to cop that!
The steering wheel is pretty dope. I'm curious how it actually feels in your hands.
Lexus is probably kicking themselves right now thinking the RC-F should have come like that, unless they plan for something to similar effect with a road going model above the RC-F
Wouldn't mind seeing something similar to this steering wheel BMW offers:

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That interior is gorgeous. They have incorporated just the right amount of carbon fiber. I find at times cars can go overboard with it.
Yeah that's just about where I would stop with it. But of course it all depends on how carbon fiber is being used. It helps to cover some areas while leaving others with exposed carbon fiber.
I really like the look of the rear with the quad exhaust and carbon fiber. Not too overdone but still making a statement.
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