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Yokohama and A’PEXi campaigned a former for-show RC F in the Super Lap Battle time attack event at Buttonwillow Raceway in Southern California.

Speedhunters offers us the scoop on this luxury lapper.

Competing in the Street RWD category Yokohama and A'PEXi have teamed up to see what a lightly-breathed on luxury car could do against more purpose built machinery.

The RC F's sonorous V8 is bone stock save for a new A'PEXi intake and a new titanium exhaust. Suspension wise they gave it adjustable coilovers working with the new 19-inch Advan Neovas and Weds wheels to provide grip.

Inside the rear seats have been stripped out and the front buckets have been replaced with a pair of carbon fibre buckets, but that's all.

The biggest change is visual, with the former show car still sporting its color-shifting vinyl.
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