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The sharp dynamism of the Lexus RC

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Dat body sculpting, seriously show me any European car today that matches this, let alone at the same price. Jag F-type coupe was a hit at the LA auto show, and yet the body panels are no comparison:

Questionable fog light placement aside, It's a work of art.
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Behold the quality of these sheetmetal creases...the exacting tolerances...sheer perfection and luxury of the highest level.

Do you appreciate how difficult this is to engineer and manufacture?
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You make some very good points, Lexus has always been like this with cars like this and it's things like what we're seeing here that should make us appreciate it more. But do you think they will price it accordingly or try to take a hit in hope of building a good rep with it?
just like the IS350. Very sharp lines

Really dont like those fog lights though.
A lot of people don't like the "Nike swooshes" in the headlights. I don't mind them though. In fact I like them. What do you guys think?
One thing we can all admit on. That red is BEAUTIFUL.
I heard they sprayed multiple layers of clear coat to help get this candy-like finish, amazing
it is very similar to the F Type red

The RC didn't get as much press as the F-Type but I think it deserves some good attention
it's funny to see that Lexus has more complicated design cue's than Jaguar, kind of expected it to be the other way around.
quite glad to see a japanese car maker stepping up to this level.
that line in the fender is unreal

must be hard to design something like that and not have it cost too much money or too much time to make.
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