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The Perfect Japanese Pony Car

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Road and Track posted a review yesterday on the Lexus RC-F and called it the "Perfect Japanese Pony Car". What do you guys think ?

My first experience with the Lexus RC F, which occurred during our testing for PCOTY 2015, suggested that the outrageous-looking coupe might be a candidate for that Trans-Am-shaped hole in my heart. It certainly had the right visual package. The base RC coupe is anonymously striking the same way a four-cylinder '82 Firebird was, but the F-model adds just the right amount of wrong, so to speak.
Full Article : The Lexus RC F Is the Perfect Japanese Pony Car

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I think it could be said the RC-F is more than a Camaro, maybe more along the lines of a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe? After all the caddy is as luxurious as this Lex, or close enough.
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