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This photo, supposedly showing a 2016 Lexus IS F sedan, was sent to our email by the crew over at Autonocion, who stated that it's the first image of the performance model. I wish it was, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.
Now, I could tell you about the boot spoiler and how it crudely cuts around the Lexus logo, but there's one main element missing from this car that immediately busts the IS F claim. Can you tell us what it is? Hint; it rhymes with the last name of one of the new stars added to Sylvester Stallone's upcoming flick, "The Expendables 3".

While you take a moment to think about it - perhaps these photos of the RC F can help you out too, let us tell you that we have no fresh info on the IS F other than that, if produced, it would likely share its V8 powertrain with the coupe model.

Now, as to what this car is, I'm almost convinced that it's a regular Lexus IS with a TRD kit (see our post here, or if you want a white example, Lexus Enthusiast has one here - or just look at the second photo below).

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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