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TFL Compares RC F to RC 350 F Sport on Test Track

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Saw this video today from TFL that compares the RC F to the RC 350 F Sport in a drag race. It's a good length of video. Entertaining, and great for anyone who is trying to choose between the two models and wants to learn more about the differences. Considering the RC F costs $62,400 and the RC 350 F Sport costs $47,875, you have to temper your expectations of the latter against the former.


2015 Lexus RC F vs. RC 350 F Sport Drag Race and Review | Automotive News, Views and Reviews
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Great comparison. Love the out of the box thinking these guys do, i`ve seen a lot of reviews of each individually but not both together.
Usually you would compare to an "equal" car from a different brand. This is a great idea though. I bet a lot of people would like this to be done for other vehicles from other brands too. It is a bit of a missing area in the automotive journalism world.
That's what everyone and their mother does, but seeing the differences between the two models like this goes a long way as well, getting a greater sense of understanding since just going off of what's on paper isn't always enough.
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