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Soon to be New to Lexus

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Hello all,

I do not currently or have ever owned a Lexus. I was always interested in sport coupes, which Lexus, up to now, has never created an appealing coupe. That being said, I put down my pre-order deposit on the RC 350 F-Sport back in March (currently #2 on the list). I thought it may be useful to source a broad spectrum of individuals if I were to have questions being that I'm or will be completely new to Lexus.

This car greatly appeals to me, so it seems Lexus was successful in their goal of designing a brand new coupe to attract a new demographic. I currenly drive a 2013 Infiniti G37 coupe and prior to that a G35 coupe. I was almost certian that I would get the next generation Q60 but Infiniti is taking too long to release it and I've grown impatient. Lexus chose the right time and design for its new coupe, at least from my perspective.

The only drawback that I anticipate transitioning from a G37 to an RC 350 is the significant horsepower loss, going from 330 to roughly 300 or "306". Also, the dealership experience seems quite different between the two companies with Infiniti having a modern luxury design and Lexus dealerships having a more "classic" luxury style. At least that's my experience by visiting 2 of the 4 Lexus dealerships in my area.

Anyways, looking forward to my new Lexus. I hope it does not dissapoint...
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@Delta RC Welcome aboard!

Great choice with going with the RC350 F-Sport. I too have been following developments on the next Infiniti Q60 and there's little to go off of, just a ton of speculation from what I have seen... still enough information to suggest the next Q60 will be amazing, up to par with the RC and BMW 4 series apparently.

At least going from the G37 to an RC 350 F-Sport you may experience a more refined driving experience.
Delta, welcome to the RC forums. I too was hoping to consider the next-generation Infiniti coupe (did they ever confirm the Q60 name? I can't keep track of the Infiniti model names anymore), but as you said, it's taking far too long. The coupe should have been available within 6-9 months after the Q50 sedan.

Regarding power, if the RC350 is simply too slow, you can always upgrade to an RC-F!
Thanks @DCRH!

You’re right about there being only speculation and nothingsolid on the next gen Q60. It seems like every year, at least for the past 4years, that analyst are saying “next” year should be the year it’s released. Sofar, they’ve been wrong but if they keep saying that they will eventually becorrect. I purposely did a two-year lease on my G37 in anticipation that I’d bejumping into the next gen model once the lease expired; not the caseunfortunately.
You’re also correct about the driving experiencebeing more refined with Lexus vs. Infiniti. Looking forward to that.
Hi @Marcy

Yeah, Infiniti’s new naming scheme can be confusing. Q60 isthe name of the current coupe and will also be for the next generation,whenever that occurs. I completely agree that the new coupe should’ve beenreleased within a 6-9 month time frame after the redesigned sedan version, aswas the case when the G37 Sedan was first released.

More power would be nice, but for the price point of a fullyloaded RC-F (I don’t do base level anything) I would consider other optionsoutside of Lexus.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
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