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Some slight exterior mods

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this is what my car looks like if anyone is curious how tints or springs would look.

Lowered on rs-r springs
15mm front spacer
20mm rear spacer

Planning on getting AIMGAIN diffuser next


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looks good.

I know this has been asked a lot but do you scrape with the rsrs (speed bumps, potholes, and steep driveway)

Also the aimgain diffuser looks awesome but the lexon looks even better. Only problem is that they're both expensive.
Here are some pictures of the Aero Kit that AIMGAIN made just so everyone has a reference.

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Great job on spacing out the wheels, how close are your rear tires to touching the inner part of the fender line?
I bet getting some painted callipers would be a nice addition to your RC F.
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