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Hello all, I'm a former owner of a 2007 Lexus IS350. I decided to trade it in a few years back to buy.... a Honda Fit... yup! I was putting about 10 miles a day on my Is350 to the tune of 6K miles the first year and it just wasn't worth it. I'm now moving to a new job where I'll be driving in traffic for a significantly greater amount of time. I've kept in contact with my sales manager at our local Lexus dealer (Portland) and will be connecting with him soon to see if I can put down $5000 to get in one of the first that come in. I absolutely love the looks of the car although I'm worried about the back seats, my kids are teenagers now and I hope they can fit for short trips, we still have a 2010 Toyota Sequoia Platinum for really moving them around. This would be our 4th Toyota/Lexus (and Id get rid of my 17th Honda/Acura). I love the design of the Toyota FRS but its a bit immature for someone of my age and the RC350 being similar looking with the features of Lexus (I really miss my Mark Levinson). The RC350 also smacks me hard of the Supra. Cant wait!
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