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After a long conversation with Rafi over at RR-Racing about his current suspension offering and those coming down the pipeline, I decided to pick up a set of his upgraded lower control arm bushings or USRS as he designates. They were to my door in 2-3 business days from processing the order and from first impression opening up the box, items were wrapped and packaged well to prevent any damage and looked well manufactured.

The install was straight forward, simply followed the step by step instructions provided with the product. I performed my install on a lift but if you had the vehicle high enough and safe enough on jack stands, I assume you could perform the task in your driveway assuming you have the proper tools. My only gripe was ensuring I had the proper pre-load. Everyone will be different on this one, as it will depend how much pressure you are applying attempting to insert the feeler gauge between the two points in the install instructions. I was nervous about over tightening but after having a buddy agree we stopped and I was content. I am sure a simple phone call to Rafi would of put any worries to rest.

On to the driving review. I am a very spirited back roads driver with previous track day experience on other vehicles. I have a highly modified Scion FRS that I compare everything I drive against. The FRS is much lighter and lower to the ground but I have been seeking for the RC to replace it once the suspension is dialed in properly. Before the USRS install the RC was just not very comfortable cornering at higher speeds. When I would brake coming into a corner the car tended to lift slightly and would give you that pucker moment when you were carrying too much speed. Now the car feels very planted and predictable. I can tell a difference between before and after cornering speeds which I didn't expect. I can honestly say while it will never be as nimble as the FRS, it has come a long way from stock. I will also state that I am on Swift Spec-R springs which I had installed prior to the USRS.

Negatives? So far, none. I did not feel any change in noise or vibration after the install. Currently have a couple hundred miles of hard driving and very pleased with the purchase. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in tightening up the handling aspects of the their RC.
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