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Rocket Bunny Lexus RC F with PUR Wheels

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Check out this RC F outfitted in a Rocket Bunny package. Included in that package are a new front lip, front fender flares, side skirts, rear fender flares, a diffuser and rear spoiler. There is also a big wing, and a quad exhaust.

When we look to the wheels here there are PUR LX10.V3 alloys in sizes 20x10.5 front and 20x12 inch rear with Gloss Davinci Red powder coat.

The suspension system has also been changed. This RC F now has a RSR coilover suspension. That brings down the height of the vehicle a bit. An Aprexi catback exhaust system was also installed.

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I like the wheels, but at the same time I wouldn't put them on my own vehicle. Too shiny.
That is the perfect combination of color and parts, nothing more I would ask for.

One of the downsides of going the Rocket Bunny route is how the holes stick out a lot, with white it's most noticable, here in black, it's blurred in enough.

Another rocket bunny!

Dropped so low! sucha badass ;)

I do like the one in black tho that's posted above, the red chrome rims make the color pop. it's a nice blend.
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I think the OP is the only one I'm really content with because it masks a lot of the seams. I'm all for the track look, it's just personal preference though
Same here, black is the way to go, the rest just look too boy racer-ish and make the vehicle seem cheaper in value, which to me isn't a good thing unless it was a full on track car which clearly most people getting these kits won't go.
The vast majority won't go that route that are using these kits lol. Majority of them are sitting in parking lots with 50 other cars having a car meet. Or at a show with the hood closed.
Yeah that's what I was saying, this is part of the whole all show no go thing going on now, although on the RC depending on which model you get, you'll have a ton of performance... RC-F of course.
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