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Road Race has been working for months on its NEW Power Manager, Plug n Play, Timing and Fuel Controller. This unit is the perfect add on for the 250 and 350 engine. We have have variants that work with both engines and cover 2015 to 2008. The RRM Power Manager is pretuned for each engine etc... and it has been dyno tuned, beta tested, track tested etc.... WE have put a lot of R & D into this product. Power gains are quite noticeable whether you are a stock engine or modded. We have seen gains ranging from 8-18 h.p. and power improvements also yield better efficiency and mileage. Stock fuel curves proved to be much too rich in many parts of the powerband so there is much room for improvement. It is the best way to achieve power gains and get the most out of other mods like intake or exhaust. Safety, power, and efficiency have all been taken into account.

There are some reviews on various sites. All are quite good.


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