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Rear camber

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So I was told the rear camber is factory at -2.63 for the Awd. Seems the inside of rear tires are going to wear quickly. Does anyone have an issue with this? Rotate more often?
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It will result in increased tire wear opposed to have 0 camber where the wheel is perfectly perpendicular to the road. But, it will also aid in corning capabilities and handling. Really shouldn't be too noticeable but even if, you can still swap the tires on both sides and use the other inside shoulders lol
Thanks, I got a hold of a tech and he said camber is not adjustable on these vehicles per spec.
Well that stinks. Means that awd owners will need to replace their tires more often than everyone else and they aren't exactly cheap depending on what you get.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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