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RC350 STILLEN Supercharger. Anyone interested?

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I got this off of Club Lexus. I emailed them in regards to when the kit is coming out, but didn't really get any info on it. But here's what one of Stillen rep had to say about it.

"As many of you know, STILLEN has been a major manufacturer of performance parts in the Nissan/Infiniti market for over 20 years. We have expanded into other markets in the past with good success and are now looking to move head first in the Lexus scene. Some of our notable achievements have been attaining CARB Certification on almost all of our Performance Intake Systems, and being the only Supercharger Manufacturer offering an aftermarket warranty on Nissan/Infiniti Supercharger Kits.

Building off our success with Supercharger Kits Engineered for Nissan/Infiniti applications, we are looking into building Supercharger Kits for the Lexus RC350, 3rd Gen IS350, and 4th Gen GS350. We do not have any details to release at this time, but the initial goals for the kits would be to maintain Lexus Reliability while gaining 100+ whp. Price point would likely be in the $6000-$7000 range.

We would like to get the community feedback and gauge interest on such kits. If there is enough demand, we would like to move forward with this project.

Thanks for your time!

To answer a few questions I know will come up:
Q: Will the kits be available for the 2nd Gen IS350 and 3rd Gen GS350?
A: We will not be developing kits specifically for these models. If the kit happens to work that would be a pleasant surprise, but we will not be doing the development work on either of those models.

Q: Will the kit offer a warranty?
A: Not initially.

Q: Will the kit be CARB Legal?
A: Because of the substantial investment we do not have initial plans for getting the kit through CARB, but it may be something we will look into as our other kits are CARB Legal.

Read more:"

Would anyone be interested? Now you have the best of both world. The affordability of an RC350 F-sport with a turbo that gives you the amount of power close to the RC-F. 80-100HP gain for 6-7k? SUPER cheap. would of been better if we the RC350 had a bigger displacement.. all wells..

I will definitely be buying one as soon as it drops. Will provide more info when Stillen replies back to me.
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Lexus should look into doing something about it being under warranty since this is an enthusiast vehicle and having that ability with warranty could even help lexus get more people into the RC.
Doubt it. Unless its something that they sell and install i am almost certain they won't budge haha. Definitely, its probably to troublesome for Lexus to deal with engine replacement, transmission due to noobie installation.
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