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Lexus’ RC350 sports a V6 engine with 306 horsepower and that’s just not enough for some of us. We want more power but there just aren’t that many aftermarket parts out there yet for the recently released model so, let’s compile what we have so far into this thread for a list of available/potential performance mods. Maybe we’ll find enough parts/kits to build a performance RC350.

The engine is like an air pump, the more air and fuel you can inject into your engine, the more power it can give back. Stillen has a set of Magnaflow Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust they claim to have been "Dyno Tested And Proven To Make Power, Performance Gains In Horsepower & Torque". You can give these a try since it’s listed as a RC350 part.

Best described as devices that forces compressed air into the engine intake manifold, superchargers creates a pressure “boost” which allows for more power to be produced. Couldn’t find a RC350 specific one for you guys but I did find a universal C-Type Rotrex supercharger from Kraftwerks that may fit. It’s listed as a part for the Lexus RC but its best if you gave them a call first.

Lexus iS350 Parts
Not quite sure if all iS350 parts will fit the RC350 but there is a possibility with engine components since they both run on a 3.5L V6 engine. I also saw performance parts listed under both models as IS/RC 350, body mods, not so much.

What do you guys think?

And if you have anything to add, please do.
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