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Which one would you pick in my situation?

  • 2017 RC350 Fsport (AWD)

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  • 2015 RCF (RWD)

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Hey guys, so I've been having the hardest time deciding between the two. Here's my situation.

Option 1:
New 2017 RC350 Fsport AWD
Black exterior / Red interior
Fully loaded with triple beam LEDs, Navi, etc.

Option 2:
Used 2015 RCF (7k miles)
Black exterior / Red interior
Comes w/ sports package with CF spoiler and roof

They will be both around the same price ($54k), which makes it so difficult to decide. My main concern right now is the RWD. I live in LA right now, but there is a high possibility that I will be moving back to Colorado in a year or so where RWD is going to suck. The AWD would be more practical in the long run, but after test driving the RCF it was such a beast. I was honestly a little underwhelmed with the RC350. I do love the red interior on the RC350 though. I just don't know if I can justify paying for a new RC350 Fsport if I can get a practically new RCF for the same price. But then I might have to go thru the hassle of selling it in a year or having to get a set of snow tires for the winter if I take it back to Colorado.

Any input from RC350 and RCF owners would be much appreciated!!

What would you do?
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