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At the RC's over night debut in Tokyo chief engineer Junichi Furyama let it slip that that the RC boasts underbody braces to aid the development of a hardtop convertible.

and then promptly uttered this:

“We are preparing so if we decide to provide the convertible model from this it is possible from the engineering perspective, but there is no actual plan for a convertible.

“The main purpose of this car is to create an aggressive image for the Lexus brand. A hard top coupe is suitable for that purpose compared with a convertible, because a convertible is for older people.”

“We need a little adjustment for mass production”
Furyama also refused to confirm the RC-F or the RC200t featuring the oft rumored Atkinson stroke 4 banger....

As with anything in the auto industry take the complete refusal to commit to a position as the ultimate confirmation of intention :D
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