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Again with the speculations, I wonder if there is potential to see a RC200d, using a similar powertrain to the outgoing IS200d? Its a Toyota 2AD-FTV 2.2L Turbodiesel. In the IS200d it was good for 150 hp and 270 ft-lbs and in the IS220d it was good for 170 hp and 300 ft-lbs of twist.

I figure if Lexus wants any hope of success in Europe they will need to bring a 200d model to the showrooms as the 4 series and A5 diesels are both quite popular...
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Sounds possible, it would be a good idea. Not many people will care for loads of power, just fuel efficiency, decent power, and still the same lexus experience
In North America I am not so sure that it will happen, but in Europe it seems to be a very logical step to take. If the Germans are offering diesels in competing vehicles, then Lexus would be foolish to not offer the same. Especially since they already have access to diesel engines that they could easily put into the RC. It also seems like the Germans are offering every variant under the sun with everyone of their vehicles. I'm not sure if that is the best strategy, but I also think that it makes sense for Lexus to try to keep up to a certain degree.
Ok so did some digging on the 2AD series.

Toyota builds the 2AD in two flavours, the 2AD-FHV in the IS220d and the Rav4 D-CAT and the 2AD-FTV in the IS200d and Rav4 D-4D. Both are the exact same 2.2L, share identical Bore x Stroke (86mm x 96 mm).

Toyota AD engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the 2AD-FTV makes 150 bhp and 251 lb-ft
the 2AD-FHV makes 179 bhp and 295 lb-ft

While the wiki page did not differentiate the two substantially the Toyota Owners Club provided the answer:

The bottom of the 2.2 engine is the much the same on both but the cylinder heads are quite different. On the FTV (150bhp) the injectors are under the cam cover but on the FHV (179bhp) they are much more exposed and as Stewart says they are piezo electric on the FHV and solenoid on the FTV. The cylinder head also has a port for a fifth injector which sprays diesel into the exhaust to stabilise emmissions. The inlet and exhaust systems are different but that is mainly in conjunction with the D-CAT system which is designed to lower emmisions after the power uprating.
wow, that just makes me even more disappointed that we never got any of these, probably like 1% of all diesels produced make it to america, dammn
seems like north americans dont really buy diesels

or we just dont have the option to start with
I wish I knew but they seem to be building more diesels for america roads which does say something. But Hybrid tech is quickly catching up and improving, maybe we'll come to a point where getting a hybrid will make more sense than a diesel.
if toyota/lexus wanted to be different they should bring a 200 diesel.

that would be very interesting for the market as it would be a first in the market in this segment.

you never know.. it might sell like hotcakes
That would be a great alternative to the BMW 3 series diesel, i can actually see that IS Diesel selling well.
I think its more likely america sees the IS diesel first, although even that is doubtful. Rationale being that BMW sold the 335d here in sedan guise but never went near the coupe with diesel. However it may be an indicator that BMW did not return the 335d to the NA market after its brief run...
a diesel coupe is a super niche market
except for in Europe. I dont expect a RC200d anywhere near North America, but as said in the OP its nearly mandatory to be competitive in Europe...
yep. does the IS already come in diesel in europe?
Apparently it does, lucky euro's! As always they get all the cool diesels.
yep we need way more diesels here

i heard VW is bringing an AWD wagon diesel manual here.
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