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British publication Autocar joined forces with to answer a question no one seemed to be asking, which of the 4 was fastest in a straight line?

The results were surprising, somewhat. At first the RC-F won with a commanding gap back to the second place i8 followed closely by the Cayman, with the M4 languishing in the back. After accusations of jump starts they ran the test again.

The only constant from the 1st run to the 2nd is that the BMW simply cannot get its power down. You can build the best drivers car in the world but if it can't lay its power down then really you're not driving anywhere...



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It's in a straight line so, I think this was expected. If they were lapping around a track the RC would come in last, it's a GT car, not a sports car...straight line is probably what it does best at but not the best among these.
I dont know, i8 would have trouble after a lap or two... I dont think its made to charge and deploy charge and deploy like performance hybrids are but quicks sure
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