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This driving simulator seems fairly bare bones at the moment, but it makes me excited for what this technology will become in the future. 10-15 years from now, this will look great and be really, really cool.
Go look at professional flight simulators, of MotoGP/Formula 1 sims. They are lifelike and state of the art. Great for training, this is a sales tool, its not designed to be real, otherwise why should one purchase the real when can simply make do with the real image...


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Well real people aren't going to see you out on the street if you are only using a simulator. I guess virtual people would but they don't count.

I haven't really looked into flight simulators in detail. I remember the **** pit being really detailed instead of whatever screen images that there are.

I still think we are a long way from the holodeck alla Star Trek though.

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