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The RC-F is guilty, of course the jury has still not heard the case but all the facts point to an open and shut case. Guilty of assault on the souls of petrol heads world over.

Could the result really of been in doubt? It takes a medley of jangled brains to make the decision to jam a high strung natural beating heart under the hood of a rolling razor blade in this day of socially responsible mediocrity. There is little explanation needed to those who kneel at the alter of speed, a Five point OH VEE Eight that winds itself into a tizzy all the way to 8,000 revolutions per minute.

We're not talking about no flimsy 302 either, its been beaten, broken, born again and galvanized through the crucible of competition, spending most of its 2013 performing the shunt work for the IS-F CCS-R in marginally meaningful events like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the 25 hours of Thunderhill and some backwater event called the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. Too say the cooling and internals are race-bred is about the only panegyric needed.

If you thought that was impressive then maybe I shouldn't tell you that each 5.0L V8 is hand assembled by a lone Lexus Engineer.

If you think THAT is impressive then maybe we shouldn't talk about the Torque Vectoring Differential meant to shuffle the power to where its needed most mid corner. Not to mention the three selectable modes, Road, Track and Slalom. All of this combines for one ridiculously trick track toy and daily drifter, straight from Kyushu I might add.
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