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Here is the full episode featuring the RC-F

Clarksons Words:

I really don’t like this car. I don’t like the way it looks, I don’t like the way it goes, I don’t like the way it feels.
But what really annoys me, what really gets my goat, is that I know Lexus can do so much better.

I know that [the LFA] costs about five or six times more than the new RC F. And I know it’s full of carbon fiber and all sorts of clever engineering that you can’t reasonably expect to find down the fiscal food chain. But surely, they could have captured the spirit of this car, the essence, its soul, and transplanted that into the RC F.

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Seen this when it originally went live and that part you quoted was indeed the big take away, we KNOW they can do better, but in the end this is what was delivered, kind of sad actually. But from what I know about them, they like to take things slow, and do their best every step of the way... so maybe eventually we'll see the RC-F that should have been, maybe we wont...
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