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RC-F carbon package?

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Lexus RC F resurfaces with Carbon Package - Autoblog

Take one look at the new Lexus RC F and it'll be fairly obvious that Toyota's luxury division went to considerable lengths to make the new muscle coupe look the part. Still, there will always be those looking for that extra measure of visual aggression. And for them, Lexus is reportedly offering this carbon-fiber package.

The kit apparently includes a new hood (complete with central air vent), roof and active rear spoiler, all made of carbon fiber. The parts in question are particularly evident when installed on the white example of the RC F pictured here, giving it an even racier look than the stock model.

We've yet to receive official details from Lexus on the availability of the Carbon Package, so we don't know how much it will cost - or for that matter, if the components have been recrafted from actual carbon fiber or whether the woven bits simply overlay the existing panels as is often the case with aftermarket parts.
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I am not a fan of the black carbon fiber hood. I do think it looks good on the roof of the vehicle though. They should paint the hood if they are going to put carbon fiber on it though. Any guesses on price? I'm think somewhere around $1,500. How does that sound to everyone?
If it wasn't for the vent the hood would look better, but as we all know it's needed, it serves a real function
I really don't mind the vent actually. I just don't want the hood to look like unpainted carbon fiber. It would look okay on a black model. Generally I think the hood should be the same color as the body.

The hood vent on the RC F is awesome IMO. It actually does something, and I don't think that it looks bad either.

What don't you like about it @soarer?
mixed with black body panels it looks good but it's normal for vehicles to have CF parts mixed with just about any color body panels.
^ yup.
It's just not a nice transition, but it's better than having a black hood, roof or truck or all on a white body colored car.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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