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It looks cool to lower the car, but it is not practical. The RC isn't necessarily made for people who want a practical car. I think it totally depends on if you use the car as a daily driver or more of a weekend fun car.
Not true at all.

You can lower a can and still have it be practical, anyone who has already gone through the process knows this, even those who have delved into daily driving a lowered vehicle. Naysayers are always the ones who haven't done it or approached the process illogically.

It all comes down to finding that middle ground of where you drive, how you drive, and how low you can go where your ride height won't be an issue or a big concerns... little scrapes and rubs here and there won't be an issue.

RC can be practical, but what's practical to you may not be for me. Some need a Lexus LS to be practical, my car is just for me... a coupe like the RC is practical 365 days of the year.
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