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RC 350 F Sport

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Just picked up new RC 350 F Sport in Atomic Silver on Stratus Blue / Black interior!


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Congrats! Nice looking car
Don't forget to post your color choice on the survey
hey welcome to the boards, any pics of the interior by chance, havent seen that combo yet!!
Congrats! Nice color choice... I got the red leather in mine. Post a pic of your interior... I'd love to see it. Thanks!
Congrats! Excellent color. Almost chose that, but I went with the silver. Have fun driving it. Just a fantastic car!!
congrats and welcome!

Do you have any plans for the Rc in terms of add ons or modifcations?
Beautiful color combination. Welcome to the club and enjoy driving you new ride.
Welcome to the forum and congratulations!

The silver color looks amazing.

I'd be interested in seeing some shots of the interior if possible.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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