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R/C350F Sport headlamp ?

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Hello all,
Having seen many photos of the R/C350F Sport initially showing the car with the 3 square headlights and now actually seeing the car at a Palm beach Lexus dealer & all over, all of them have a headlamp cluster with round headlamps instead of the 3 square that appears to be on the RCF now. My question is will I be able to interchange the R/C350F Sports round headlamp cluster with that of the RCF 3 square headlamp cluster using the OEM Lexus headlight sets, will there be a need for new wire harness/hardware/ect. will they even fit on the R/C350F Sport? Thanks for any & all technical advise.
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Coming from limited knowledge with headlight systems, I can tell you there's a good chance it won't be as easy as plug and play. Instead it may be more involved, possibly requiring a wiring harness from the RCF, and maybe some modules.

You can try calling up your local Lexus dealer parts department and see if the parts guy can tell you what differences there are with the connection of both setups. That will give you a clearer idea.
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