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Post your Lexus RC Model, Exterior Paint and Interior Trim Combination here...

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Lexus launched a page on the RC, letting you explore a lot of information about it along with the ability to customize an RC model you want with the available exterior color and interior trim combinations. Choose the model and combination you want and post about it below, include pictures if you can :)

Here's mine:

Lexus RC 350 F Sport
  • Exterior: Molten Pearl
  • Interior: Playa Silver Performance Trim

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Nebula Gray Pearl

Rioja Red NuLuxe Silver Performance Trim

This is what I am thinking so far. I'm wondering if there are actually more options that will become available when the actual configurator goes online.
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Nice choice of colors, that was one of the color scheme's I configured before I went to orange since it's not something you see often these days unlike the one you configured.

There may not be anymore options for this model year but a good chance we can expect more in the following model year.
Part of me doesn't want to just go with silver since its so common, but it does look really nice, and I think that being a Lexus it will be exclusive enough despite being a common color.

This is exactly the combo i'm planning to go with.
Always been a fan of white and aside from tan, red is the next best color for a white exterior vehicle (in my opinion.)
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