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Obsidian paint problem on '15 RC350 Fsport

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I have owned several black cars in my life and this is by far, the worst paint I have ever seen in my life-as far as scratch and stain resistance. This car only has 5000 miles on it and I already see stains on the hood. Also, paint seems to scratch if you look at it wrong. Dealer said it was from bird droppings and is in the clear coat. No comment from them on the scratched fenders other than I must have scratched it doing something. I use special cloths, the 2 bucket wash method, etc. it is not me. This car has never had droppings on it! The car looks like it has no clear coat. Is anyone else having these problems??? I noted in a sales brochure that this is some new special 5 step paint process, apparently all in water color.
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Everyone is being forced to switch to water-based paints now unfortunately, even small shops in the UK. But I can imagine the clear is really soft. Have you tried buffing it out with anything yet ?
ive noticed mine is a bit sensitive too.. on my IS
Anyone else having problems with the paint on their RC350? A couple of detail shops have told me it is just this Lexus flat black; the silver and the other colors are no problem.
I have the Atomic Silver and so far, so good. I did get a few scratches from bird droppings but they buffed right out with Meguiar's ScratchX. I feel your pain though. I had a Nissan 370Z in Black Cherry before this car and the paint/clear coat was terrible! No matter how careful I was I'd get new scratches every time I washed it.

Now, to be extra careful, I only use the touchless Laser Wash. I drive straight home blowing the remaining water off and then use a microfiber cloth and Meguiar's Quick Detailer to remove any remaining water spots. So far, this method has worked very well for me.

Best wishes!
Maybe give the Meguiar's ScratchX a try on those small scratches on the black Lexus and see if that helps?
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