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newbie from So.Cal. Not an RC owner yet but looking into it.
Hi, flyflpguy. Welcome to the forum, how are you? I just purchased my RCF two weeks ago but planned a few months ahead and dropped a large cash down payment. If I were you, just go shop around at the Dealerships and online. It's entirely different from seeing pictures and watching YouTube videos. With all due respect f**k what everyone has to say or so called experts reviews for the RC350's or RCF's.

It's your money and buy what you want, right? I did lots of research and test drove three RCF's and one RC350 F Sport. The RC350, was awesome but I needed more power and the RCF was exactly what I needed and I can afford it, so I bought it. The guys on the Forum can answer all your questions but please TEST DRIVE them first before jumping to the next level of commitment.

Since I am also in So-Cal in the San Gabriel Valley area, I can recommend you my great salesman @Longo Lexus in El Monte, off of the 10 and 605 freeways. I can also refer you to a car broker friend who can help you out too. Just let me know and I will do what I can to answer your questions and concerns. Hopefully, you will be another proud RC Owner. Hehe.. ;-) please look for my "Test Drive Posts" and see what I have to say.

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