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New RC350 F Sport Owner in NH

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I just wanted to introduce myself as one of the new guys here on the forum. I'm back driving a Lexus after many years of driving BMWs. I just picked up a RC350 F Sport in Nebula Gray & black interior, with navigation, moonroof & park assist and I couldn't be happier with my decision. ;)

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Welcome and congratulations on your F-Sport!!! Great car and just pure fun to drive!!!!
Welcome and congrats! Now, drive it like you stole it!
Welcome, and maybe I will see you around, also in NH with Nebula Grey RC-F Circuit Red interior
Thanks guys. It's exciting to see Lexus get some real style back in their cars. The RC350 and RC F are pure sex! haha
Marvanza, I'm in the Manchester area so if you see another Nebula gray RC350 F Sport then honk, it's probably me! ;)
Welcome to the club!

Did you by any chance consider getting the BMW 4 series or just went straight for the RC? I know the 435 can be tempting :D
Of course. I actually had a 2013 BMW 335i XDrive M Sport under contract. Kind of a long story so I'll shorten it. I had somewhat of a sour taste from my 2005 BMW 545i reliability issues as I spent over $15k on repairs over the last 2 yrs but looked at new 435s and CPO 335s. I found an absolutely mint 335i XDrive M Sport with everything I wanted so I bought it. Well after 5 trips back to the dealer over 2 issues I finally gave up on the car and BMW. It all worked out for the best anyway. I'm loving the RC350 F Sport! ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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