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New owner - I hope it grows on me

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Maybe it's the bitter taste of a strange sales experience or owning a few GTR's, an M3 and 335 previously, but I am not to happy with the RC, It's all a bit underwhelming. I have to give it time, the dealership wouldn't take it back and the spec was wrong and spelling mistakes and wrong manufacture month !!! aargh
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Welcome to the forum! What did your dealer do?
Well I'm interested in hearing what exactly went wrong with your sales experience.

What possible spelling mistakes could there be?

Welcome to the forum! Hopefully talking to other owners can get you to fall in love with your RC.

I probably can't go into too much detail because they'd probably try to sue me. I test drove a sport, asked the difference between it and the luxury and was basically told the sports plus and some small bits. Also the changeover deal was $30k more between the base luxury and the sport (taking my trade into account). I couldn't get the top 3 choices of colour I wanted, there were only 2 cars available and I ordered a luxury. Since (I have had the car 1 week) I have found several available and the difference should have been $4140 based on I ended up with a sunroof and premium paint against my liking. I have since found so much unadvertised differences between luxury and sport that was not explained or shown and the changeover was a 'mis-communication'. I would gladly send this car back today. I don't even like the colour that was explained poorly. Poor customer satisfaction indeed, worst experience I have ever had.
Good luck in your endeavor. I'm sure there's more to it but you have to stay vague in case anything happens.
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