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I have a 2015 RC350 F Sport with over 55k miles on it. This week while driving I noticed a slight bumping sound like the tire had a knot or warp in it. It doesn’t occur all the time. There is no knot or tire issue found. Now thinking it may be a front wheel bearing going bad.
1) Does anyone know if wheel bearing repair would be covered under warranty?
2) What would make a 3-yr-old Lexus develop a wheel bearing issue?

Would love to hear what you know for sure or what you think. Thanks.

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is it a steady thump thump thump like a stick is stuck on the tire?
my 350 awd gets that from time to time it has 28k miles on it.
you can get wheel bearing at most people like the timiken bearings
i seem to have a hard time dealing with the dealer to get my certified lexus in like new condition
they say brake pads with 5mm left is a ok, cant inspect it down to the first aid kit if its gone, no cargo net
no rear floor mats the navigation software was not updated the rear view mirror was lose, got 10.3 mpg,
fogged up head light, trunk lid does not shut good windshield is pitted navigation blue tooth gets a no sound issue,
and when i went in all i got was no, im not fixing that anything else, no i will not fix that , and so on, sent letters to lexus corporation with no response, they say that is lexus standard my reply iis it like new?
they offered to pay half of a aftermarket windshield so i asked corporate what they have to say about a aftermarket windshield and is it safe does it pass the roll over test, no response so ill take it as they approve of unknown parts on a certified lexus
i call it my certified lexus death trap , warned them i will post on every forum and here i am.
do your seats wedge into the headliner with the back strait up then raise it?
do they smash into the back seats? when you move it all the way back?
mine do i can crush stuff if i have anything behind it was told its a ok,
got the gas mileage up cleaned the mass air flow sensor now it gets 15.4 mpg they said thats good.
they are on strike one for repair lemon law,, said rear floor mats are in car i did not look got home nope not in car.
i got heal to toe wear on tires outer edge is wearing fast, lexus ,dealer says thats norm,
the parking brake went to floor and did not hold they said if we adjust it the brakes will drag,
but they adjusted it, why did you if it drags , the windshield has normal wear? is it like new? no but it meets lexus standard
? the brake fluid has never been changed its green, i got new brake pads ordered the 3mc raybestus for 24 bucks,
its not worth my time dealing with them for 24 bucks. they got non American mechanics that just say what they think the boss wants to hear. i was always told change pads when they get thinner then the metal backing lexus thinks its good to the end as they put down 5mm but that is to metal you don't wait till it hits metal.
the rc seems cheap compared to my sc400 but i needed a car sc engine went out got a 430 in it but need to wire up computer and get a drive by wire gas peddle and a few things.i figure once i get the sc going with a 430 engine ill sell this one and take the loss or drive it into a tree then light it on fire as it might make me feel better, wasted hours of my time trying to get them to fix it who ever seen a certified lexus that needs towed off the lot? first thing i noticed seats wedging into headliner do not know what thats about but it ant no lexus then the power tilt telescope steering wheel is a upgrade
25 years ago it was standard. im calling it what it is a death trap did not even have the lane assist or parking assist.
you can get a used engine 3.5 for 3k or 4k with low miles vary low, all parts are cheap could probably peace on together for under 10k. just buy a few wreaks and mix and match. once i get the sc400 with 430 going im going to sit by dealer and fly by new rcf owners on freeway they wont know it has a 430 in it and will wonder why a old sc400 just smoked them ,and return it.that is my dream., can you check brakes , no can you check the rear view mirror, no why am i hear was told you would fix it then get a bill for repairs. you have pay for map software on a certified lexus? aftermarket windshield what?
it get 10 mpg you are idling it to much? on the freeway in econo mode? how would he know how i drive he never looked at it.never said that enform ends next year.this all from a lexus dealer on a certified lexus i would tell people to get a lexus now ill say get a they are all crap. dont know what happened to lexus, the ls400 ultra luxury nothing compared nothing. seats that wedge into the headliner wtf.that ant right. front passenger tire goes thump thump thump, could be
a bearing or just cheap crap parts, there is a upgrade low ball joint that might help. new struts might help and everything thats attached, my sc400 wheel bearings lasted 200k miles. it got 22 mpg not 10. i mean 15.1 i bet it could take the rc350 60 to 130 sc400 i think is faster once u get up to 60 then it takes off the rc is faster off the line thou. should of got a camaro .


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