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Nav System Loop Error

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I've been seeing people talk about this issue happening to them across this forum as well as other Lexus forums and I have come across this article. It may become a recall to be fixed.

Some Lexus vehicles in the USA are experiencing a navigation system error, causing a reboot loop that makes it impossible to access the vehicle’s infotainment features. The cause of the issue appears to be a faulty over-the-air software update
Moe Durand, a spokesman for the Lexus luxury division, said the problem may have been caused by a faulty application in the kind of software the automaker routinely ships to customers’ vehicles via satellite. Durand said the company hasn’t determined yet whether vehicles will have to return to dealerships to fix the app.
The automaker is getting calls asking, among other things, whether it’s been a victim of a cyberattack or had engaged in some kind of promotional stunt, he said. The issue can also affect radios, which are displayed on the same dashboard screen, Durand said.
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Per, the errant data from the weather and traffic application caused this problem. The data has been removed and the system needs to be reset. To reset the system, the negative battery cable needs to be removed for 10 minutes. This will remove the errant data from your system and it should load correctly at the next start-up. You may have to reset all of your settings after this process though.
Just disconnected the negative cable of the battery for 10 minutes and started the engine. The system did a reboot and now everything is working! Thanks!

You're welcome! Did you have to reset all of your personal settings (did they go back to factory defaults)?
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