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Start your ultimate interior modernization project right from the very beginning by getting rid of your faded or simply boring OE steering wheel. At CARiD, we store thousands of steering wheel options in various finishes and designs to let you choose your favorite one, that ideally matches with the styling of your Pontiac Solstice. They will noticeably improve your vehicle's appearance and handling as well as the overall driving experience.

For your convenience, we've created our new helpful Steering Wheels Shopping Guide, that will walk you through the details and make that drastic change come true in an easy and convenient way. Make sure to take a glance at the installation part of the article to perform yours in flying colors.

Shopping Guide - Steering Wheels at CARiD

Restore your vehicle's former glory, make its interior period correct and simply increase its overall value, by customizing its interior with a help of properly selected steering wheel. See the complete selection of steering wheels here:

Feel free to shoot us a P.M. or call us in free at 800.505.3274 if any friendly helpful advice is required. We are available 24/7.
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