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Looking For Mod Ideas

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Hi everyone!

The Lexus RC350 has been out for a while, long enough for the Aftermarket guys to jump all over it. So I'm wondering what kind of mods everyone has made on their RX350s and if it was hard to do?

The Rocket Bunny body kit looks great and Mfresh_21 seems to be on board with lowering his car and wrapping it. But that is beyond me unless I bring it to the garage. Maybe not so much the wrap.

Just trying to get a few ideas from everyone.

Thanks you!
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If your into Vossen wheels, they seem to look good on Lexus vehicles and there are already a number of RC's on Vossen wheels.
Plastidip is super cheap. You can black out the emblem in the grille or the chrome outline.

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Are you into doing exterior aero mods? Front lips are at times a first mod, all depends on ones goals
Do those front lips make the ground clearance unpractical? That's always what I think when I see them.
We are wheel and tire vendors on this forum. Interested in some new wheels?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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