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Lexus is running a test program for no-haggle sales which will entail a negotiation-free retail method at twelve US stores. It seems this program is part of a push by the brand to really challenge BMW for that top US luxury sales title at the end of the year. Not much more information on this that I could find, but what what I'd really like to know is where these twelve stores are going to be.

Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus brand is running a pilot program on no-haggle sales as it tries to build on a boom year for luxury-auto demand.
Lexus is testing the “negotiation-free” retail method at 12 stores, Jeff Bracken, the brand’s top executive in the U.S., said Wednesday at an auto-industry conference in northern Michigan.
Toyota?s Lexus Testing Haggle-Free Sales at 12 U.S. Stores - Bloomberg Business
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