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Here are two teaser images that Lexus has released ahead of the debut of the BMW M4-battling RC F.

These teaser images show us that the RC F will amp up its design cues with deep front air intakes, a more assertive rendition of Lexus' spindle grille, and stylized fender vents similar to those of the IS F.

There are also rumors that the RC F's hood, roof and trunk lid will all be constructed from carbon fiber in order to keep weight at a minimum. And that hood scoop isn't for engine induction; it is part of an aero package that channels air to the RC F's underbody to improve high-speed downforce.

The RC F will be about 15mm lower than the standard RC because of a specially tuned suspension system. The RC F will also get a specially designed braking system by Brembo.

Those brakes will be necessary to stop the RC F which will be running on a 455 hp, 401 lb-ft of torque version of Lexus' 5.0-liter V8.

Hope you have been saving up though because the RC F will start just above $100,000.
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