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Lexus RC350 Winter Start

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Lexus Recently teamed up with professional London-based Hamilton Ice Sculptors to equip the Lexus NX with the world’s first set of functional ice wheels and tires. What’s interesting is that the NX was kept frozen for five days at -30 degrees Fahrenheit before the ice tires were put on and it managed to start up perfectly on the first try.

That promotional stunt demonstrates Lexus’ product quality but will the rest of the lineup be able to do the same? Both models were built in separate plants; the Lexus NX at the Miyata plant and the RC350 at the Tahara plant but maybe their engines were provided by the same engine production plant, the Kanda Plant owned by Toyota Motor. If this is true, then we can expect the RC engine to perform just as well after being stored in sub-zero temperatures for a prolonged period of time.

Lexus didn’t release information about the length of time the ice wheels lasted or how they actually handled on the road but from viewing the video, we can see that the NX was able to get enough traction on ice wheels to move forward at low speeds. Highly doubt any of us will be testing this on the RC350 but it does bode well for Lexus’ AWD performance in unfavorable conditions.

Does everyone think the RC350 will be able to handle the cold as well as the NX?
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Mmm.. I think that both can handle snow about the same. Perhaps ground clearance in extreme circumstances may favor the NX.

But this is more an art project sponsored by Lexus than a display of auto performance.
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