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Lexus RC rear end

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I literally laughed out loud when I saw those black fingers reaching out from the rear to caress the car's ass. What a mess! And the Nike swoosh is still all kinds of fail.

Black fingers aside, that's a fine body and a fine rear end.
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Guess I've been proven wrong...

The rear end is actually production..

Wonder what the press will say about it.
are the fingers functional in any way...
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I highly doubt it. They look like fake vents.
People who really dislike the fingers might be better off going for a black RC or look into having it removed, but i'd be worried about mounting holes being exposed, which can look bad.
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you know the more I look at the fingers the more I think that RC would look even more ridiculous if it didnt have them...
I wonder if a vendor will develop carbon-fiber fingers...I think they would look good on a white RC Coupe, combined with a carbon fiber rear diffuser.
The rear end on the Lexus RC350 is one of the nicest around I think. The taillights and the rear bumper are great. I don't have any complaints about it.
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